Meet the Company

Comedy ventriloquist JERRY LAYNE doesn't work alone. He brings with him a delightful cast of characters.

Among his "company" are:

Full Time Staff

Lester - a talented young man with a "dummy" of his own "Chester".

Baby - the most precocious"baby" you've ever met.

Max - a charming, softspoken older gentleman who will start audiences laughing before saying a word.

Elsie - a robust senior lady living life to the fullest, whose material audiences will be repeating.

Cogburn - is a country/western singing rooster.

Sid - can't keep himself together

Bill D. Dummy - A Hilarious routine where the audience participation creates the character.

Part-time Staff
Ernie -
Henny Skullman -
Herbie -
Sam Brero -
Archie -
Percy -
Suzie -

These as well as many other puppets, audience participation and a lifetime of performing in various venues give JERRY LAYNE the ability to provide entertainment for all ages.


3172 N. 150th Avenue - Goodyear, AZ 85395
phone: 623.535.9689 • fax: 623.536.1255 e-mail:

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